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Our Guarantee



100% One Year Guarantee

Our nursery stock will grow, if properly handled, planted and after care is maintained. We will replace once, for the amount paid before taxes with an in-store credit voucher. No cash refunds. This guarantee is subject to the presentation of receipt and dead plant. This guarantee does not apply to roses and fruit trees, due to climatic conditions, sale items & perennials, annuals. They will be guaranteed 100% for the current growing season only.


No warranty claims will be entertained before May 1st in any given year.


PLEASE call before you dig (905) 468-7863


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terms & conditions
  • Return Guidelines

    • The ‘One Year’ Plant Guarantee is subject to the presentation of your receipt and the dead nursery stock.  Your receipt may be held in our system, please enquire before digging.
    • The purchaser agrees to follow proper planting, maintenance, watering frequency and winter protection.
    • We will replace your dead nursery stock with a one-time in-store ‘Credit Voucher’, for the amount paid before taxes, for guaranteed plants that died within one year from the purchase date.
    • ‘Credit Voucher’ can be used on replacement plant material, gifts or services (difference in the purchase prices may apply). ‘Credit Voucher’ purchases will not be guaranteed, except for the ‘Your Ideal Garden – Plant Warranty’.


  • Guaranteed Materials

    We believe our plants to be of superior quality and health. We offer our One Year Guarantee on all our plant material, excluding the following; Roses, Bare Root stock, Perennials, Annuals, Fruit Trees, Sale Items and Borderline Zone-Hardy plant material.


    • Material that are Borderline Zone-Hardy the Niagara Region are guaranteed for the full growing season only, ending November 30.
    • Roses are guaranteed for the duration of the first growing season, ending November 30.
    • Small Fruits, Perennials, Grasses, Clematis, Annuals, Grapes and tropical or indoor plant materials are NOT guaranteed.
    • The guarantee does not apply to above-ground planters, sod, bulbs, seeds, customer plants which have been transplanted or ‘final sale’ items.


  • Guarantee Disclaimer

    • Plants purchased on sale are guaranteed for the sale price before taxes only.
    • In no case shall Mori Gardens Inc. be liable for more than the amount of the original purchase price.
    • We do not guarantee against losses due to vandalism, theft , neglect, improper care or severe weather conditions beyond our control.


  • Mori Gardens Plant Promise

    Mori Gardens offers exceptional plants that are healthy at the time of purchase.


    Under any of the following circumstances and upon presentation of the plant in question and its’ receipt we will replace the plant (nursery stock) you have purchased with an equivalently valued plant:


    1. Your plant fails to leaf-out in the year you purchase it, after following proper planting and water instructions.
    2. Your plant succumbs to a disease which in our opinion it had when purchased.
    3. Your plant is not the variety it was purported to be.

We’re Here To Help

You Create Your Ideal Garden


Would you like information on planting tips? Are you experiencing difficulties with your

garden due to weather, soil quality, pests, or disease?


Please contact our garden experts before you dig.


We are happy to chat, provide expert opinions, planting information, seminar invitations, home inspections and

one-on-one training as requested. Our goals is to help you create your ideal garden from dream to enjoyment!


Let’s create something beautiful!




For questions, tips & tricks or advice call us

  • What are the Garden Design Service Steps?


    Step 1: Dream & Collect Information


    Once you’ve booked your initial consolation appointment you will be asked to provide the required information (measurements form, requirements form and photographs). These questions provide your designer with information regarding, how you intend to use your garden, if you have any particular theme for you garden or if there are any specific plants or features you require.


    Step 2: Initial Consultation


    The consultation meeting typically lasts an hour to an hour 30 minutes. The garden designer will discuss your property needs and ideas for your ideal garden. This includes soil & light conditions, existing plants and structures, maintenance levels and the style you prefer. With this information, we can then draw up concept plans and either leave it up to you to use these in your own design or we can provide you with a final plan, planting schemes, care booklet etc.  Plants are carefully selected to create the right look and feel to complement the hard landscaping. Our expert designers will ensure you have the right plant for the right place and tailor the scheme to your level of expertise and the amount of time available to maintain the garden.


    Step 3: Follow up Consultation 


    If you require a full to scale garden design a second meeting will be arranged for you to see your plan and make any changes required. The consultation meeting typically lasts an hour to an hour 30 minutes. At this time you will be walked through your new garden design, introduced to your plant list and given details regarding getting started. This is a great opportunity to ask questions regarding your project as well as enquire about quotes from recommended landscaping services in the area.


    Step 4: Planting


    The planting plan you’ve received for your garden will ensure that the garden is packed with year round colour and interest.  Once you have a detailed plan, A garden consultant will show you the plants in your design and can further answer questions regarding additional elements such as usage of annuals or planting tips.  If you are interested, delivery of your plants and garden materials can be arranged.


    Step 5: Training, Consulting, Seminars and Workshops


    Once your garden installation is complete feel free to count on us for continued support as your garden grows. We welcome you to attend our expert seminars, utilize one-on-one training and try a creative workshop for both outdoor and indoor ideas.


  • What is the Garden Design Service Process?

    Full design service


    • Taking the design brief
    • Conducting a survey of the garden
    • Garden layout plan
    • Plus any visuals needed to illustrate the garden
    • Detailed build specifications and technical drawings for contractors (priced separately)
    • Planting plan (priced separately)


    Remote design service


    • Taking the design brief
    • Garden layout plan
    • Written report with details of where to source materials, off-the-shelf items etc
    • Planting plan (priced separately)
    • NB Client provides survey and photographs


    Contract management


    • Sourcing and vetting a shortlist of garden landscape contractors
    • Briefing contractors to gain quotes
    • Selecting a contractor
    • Overseeing the build at key stages to ensure quality of work


    Garden consultancy


    • An initial visit to see the garden and talk through your needs/aspirations
    • A written report assessing what to keep or enhance in the current layout
    • Details of horticultural and minor landscaping improvements which are recommended



  • What is a Professional Landscape Installation?


    Authorized Contractors are independent companies that are recommended by professionals at Mori Gardens to complete your landscape installation. Each Authorized Contractor guarantees their work and is dedicated to providing superior workmanship and customer service.


    Other services provided by our Authorized Landscape Contractors include:


    • Tree removal/pruning
    • Irrigation
    • Fence and deck installation
    • Lighting
    • Natural stonework, interlock
    • Water garden installation and water features


    *All negotiations and agreements are handled directly between the homeowner and Authorized Contractor.


  • What are the requirements for a Garden Design?



    The measurement submission sheet is used to collect the dimensions of your garden including any features that might be retained such as trees, shrubs, sheds etc.


    Advice can also be provided by telephone or e-mail for awkward features and you can submit photographs to assist.


    Remember, the more accurate the information you supply, the more accurate your garden design will be.




    The requirements sheet is a simple form to guide our design team in creating a design that meets with your needs.


    It includes a few simple questions such as how you intend to use your garden, if you have any particular theme for you garden or if there are any specific plants or features you require.




    Photographs are a very useful source of information and can help in several ways with the design process.


    Photos can be emailed to design@morigardens.com or printed and brought to your consultation with other documents. Photos should provide a view of various sides of the property, home and all aspects of the garden, highlighting things like heights and slopes.


  • Can I make changes to my design?

    Our standard design service allows for touch up changes during your follow up design consultation, for large changes to the full design a charge of $80 + HST will be required.


    Our premium and master design programs allow for one full change discussed during your follow up design consultation.

  • Can I purchase a service on behalf of someone else?

    Of course!


    A garden is a gift that will grow for years to come. Giving a garden design, training, consultation services or creative workshops are great ways to give experience and a gift that will benefit for years to come.


    We are happy to assist in making your gifting idea your own, through group gift certificates, a garden event, plant registries or a personalized training seminar or workshop.


    Green gifts not only make a difference for the ones you care about, but for everyone that benefits from the gift you’ve given.


    Visit our Green Gifts Page today!

  • Are you able to deliver my Plant List?



    If you are within the Niagara Region we would be happy to provide a delivery service to you at its given rates. Please contact us for further details on rates for your area.


    For purchase of your full plant list at one time for basic to master garden plans there will be no charge for your delivery.

  • Can I create a Garden Registry?



    If you are within the Niagara Region we would be happy to provide a delivery service to you at its given rates. Please contact us for further details on rates for your area.


    For purchase of your full plant list at one time for basic to master garden plans there will be no charge for your delivery.

  • Will Mori Gardens oversee my Garden & Landscape Design from start to finish?



    Mori Gardens can provide a full garden creation service from measurement to overseeing construction. Please contact us to schedule your initial consultation with a garden designer and we will build a quote for your garden.

  • Will Mori Gardens oversee my Landscaping Projects?



    Mori Gardens can provide a full garden creation service from measurement to overseeing construction. Please contact us to schedule your initial consultation with a garden designer and we will build a quote for your project.

  • Can Mori Gardens provide quotes for Recommended Contractors?



    Mori Gardens is happy to assist you in bringing your garden design to reality. We are happy to assist in arranging quotes for created garden designs through our recommended landscape services.

  • Will Mori Gardens provide training for me to be able to plant and maintain my own garden?



    We want to make sure your garden looks amazing every season of the year and would be happy to assist you in its creation and maintenance.


    Mori Gardens offers a wide variety of expert seminars and workshops, along with one – on – one training to suit your level and needs. From garden inspections to splitting perennials to creating seasonal decorations. Our designers and garden consultants are ready to assist you at the level you require.


    For questions regarding services and pricing please fill in a contact request form or call us at 905 468 7863.

Hydrangea Care Questions & Answers


  • My hydrangea grows beautiful green leaves, but I haven’t seen any blooms yet. How do I get my hydrangea to bloom endlessly?


    There are a few main reasons that you may not see blooms on your hydrangeas: sun exposure, over-watering and over-fertilizing. Endless Summer® hydrangeas prefer morning sun and afternoon dappled shade. If they are planted in full sun, it may be too hot and intense for the blooms to produce. Also, over-watering and over-fertilizing your plants can inhibit bloom production. Hydrangeas prefer moist, but not wet soil, and one application of fertilizer in spring or early summer. For additional planting and care tips, please click here.

  • I pruned my hydrangeas back after an early frost and now I am not seeing blooms. Why is that?


    How to prune hydrangeas is a great question. If you pruned your hydrangeas back to the base, it will take some time for the new growth to develop and produce blooms. Be patient and look for the green growth coming up from the base of the plants. That is where your new blooms will grow from!


  • I had several small blooms on my hydrangeas last year, so this year I have fertilized every 10 days until I saw blooms starting to develop. What else should I be doing to get big blooms?


    The first rule of thumb is to NOT over-fertilize your plants. We suggest one application of granular fertilizer in spring or early summer, and then follow package instructions afterwards. If you over-fertilize, it can burn the root system of your hydrangeas and actually inhibit bloom production. For more tips on fertilizer and how to achieve big, beautiful blooms, please click here.


  • My hydrangeas have brown dry spots on the leaves and brown petals on the bloom. What do I need to do to make the hydrangeas healthier?


    If the spot is round and brown with a red to purple ring, you likely have Anthracnose. Remove the affected leaves and dispose away from your plants. Treat with a fungicide and repeat as necessary. If the margins of the leaves fade from green to grey and then turn brown, the plants were dry for too long. If the petals of the flowers turn brown at the tip, not enough water was applied. Both the leaves and the flowers will show lack of water very quickly.


  • I planted my hydrangeas in a location with at least 6 hours of full sun and partial afternoon shade. I read online that hydrangeas prefer that I water them heavily once a week instead of a little water every day. Now my hydrangeas are turning brown with no blooms. What am I doing wrong?

    Depending on where in the United States you live will determine how much sun your hydrangeas can handle. If you are in a northern state (Zones 4 – 5b), your hydrangeas can handle up to 6 hours of sun in the morning, but as you get further south you should allow for more shade on your plants. In the southern-most regions (Zones 8 – 9), we recommend a maximum of 2 hours of morning sun. Too much sun exposure can cause your shrubs to burn on its leaves and blooms. Also, be sure to put your fingers in the soil to see if it needs watering. We do recommend a soak versus light watering each day, but you should be sure that the soil is always moist – not wet – by sticking your fingers in the dirt. If it is dry, give it a good soaking. If it is wet, do not add water. For more information on where to plant and how to water, please click here.

  • Do these hydrangeas survive in containers? Our garden gets really hot, so I think a container would be a better option. Do I follow the same care instructions (watering, fertilizing, etc.) as I would in the garden?


    Absolutely! Hydrangeas are perfect as potted plants and give you the ability to move the hydrangeas to different locations and create a focal point in your living space. The care instructions are mainly the same, with a few notable differences. For a complete look at container care, click here.


  • What type of fertilizer do you recommend? I know that hydrangeas do best with certain kinds of fertilizer because of their big blooms, but am not sure what to buy!

    We recommend a granular, slow-release fertilizer with a NPK ratio of 10-30-10. If you cannot find that specific ratio, ask your local nursery for a fertilizer with a high concentration of phosphorus, as that encourages the bloom growth. For more information, please click here

  • I bought these plants because I wanted big, beautiful blue hydrangea in my garden. I got big blooms, but they are PINK! What did I do wrong?


    The pH level of your soil determines hydrangea colors. If you have a pink hydrangea and you want a blue hydrangea, no problem! Pink blooms develop in alkaline soil, so certain amendments need to be made to lower the pH and create an acidic soil situation. We suggest Color Me Blue soil sulfur to encourage blue bloom production. This is safe, organic and all-natural. There are also other natural remedies to changing hydrangea colors. To encourage blue blooms in alkaline soils, add aluminum sulfate, composted oak leaves, pine needles or coffee grounds. There are more tips, including how to change from blue blooms to pink hydrangea, click here.

  • I planted my Endless Summer hydrangea in an area that is far too sunny and hot, so I’d like to transplant them to a more shaded area. What is the best time of year to do this, and are there any other tips I should know?

    If you are transplanting your hydrangeas, we recommend doing so while it is dormant. That means transplanting your shrubs in late fall, after the first frost, or in early spring before it has woken up for the summer.

  • I live in an area that gets a lot of snow during the winter. Should I prune Endless Summer Hydrangeas back like I do with my other hydrangeas? What else should I do to protect them from the freezing winter months?

    The great thing about Endless Summer is that you don’t need to prune them back to the base like other hydrangeas. Since they bloom on previous years’ growth AND the new season’s growth, you can leave them all winter long to achieve double the blooms next spring. Do NOT prune the hydrangea back in fall. Leaving the fall blooms on your plants over the winter provides winter interest, and ensures you aren’t removing buds that will become flowers in the spring and summer. Leaves, wood mulch and/or straw are good options to insulate your plants. Mound the mulch or leaves around your plants at least 12” high to protect the flower buds that will bloom early next year. For more Overwintering tips, please click here. If your hydrangeas are planted in containers, please click here.

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