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Greenscapes uniquely created to your event

We offer Evergreens, Trees, Shrubs, Perennial Plants, Container Gardens & Greenery Rentals for your upcoming Wedding, Gala, Corporate Event, Trade Show, or any other Celebration you want to enhance with living plants.


When it comes to plants, we are here to assist help you create your ideal gardens and greenscapes.

Mori Gardens prides itself on its exceptional selection of plant material. Our team will work with you to find the best Green Rentals for your event.

Living & Artificial Plants, Structures & Décor

We strive to create memorable spaces that are filled with character, texture and colour. Each event and design is uniquely created to your concept!


Create an experience they won’t forget!


Using a selection of living & artificial plants, structures, statuary, containers, décor and more, we build on your theme from concept to creation.

Flexible, Creative & Customer Service Orientated

We are proud to offer Greenscape Design Services to clients and event professionals. Partner with our designers to create a unique experience for your event.


Come meet our Green Design Team for a coffee and complimentary consultation.

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Make your next event

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No Obligation garden Consultation
We've worked with...
We've worked with...
No Obligation garden Consultation
We've worked with...